How It’s Made


IMG_1941Each piece requires several steps before it is ready to be displayed in your home.
I collect the pallets, disassemble them, pull nails from the wood, and wash the wood planks.



112I then assemble each pallet canvas by hand, secure each canvas with metal brackets, and attach picture hangers to each piece.



IMG_1661Now it’s ready to create the art by using mis-tinted paint (which could make its way to a waste dump), river rocks (some collected from places I have visited all over the United States & Canada), beach sea glass, driftwood, bottle corks…you name it. Most items can be re-used in some way.


When it’s all done I finish it off with a thin top layer of water base, polyurethane protection.

Even the shipping materials are reused cardboard and paper. I try to reuse as much as possible. It is important to me that I leave as small of a footprint on this earth as possible and recycling can be done in so many ways.

See a 1 min video on how it’s made: